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   "Dance is music made visible"

- George Balanchine

What is company at royale ballet?

Technique is developed through class work; however, artistry is developed through opportunities to perform. Being on stage allows a dancer to engage an audience, provide entertainment and even provoke thought. Connecting with an audience is paramount to technique and is what separates athletes from dancers.

local performance opportunities

The RBDA Companies seek to provide opportunities for dancers to interact with audiences in our local community by bringing heartfelt performances to nursing homes, elementary schools, festivals and community events. Bringing joy to those around us has ignited a long-lasting passion for dance and performance in many of our students.

Grow in the Dance Community

The RBDA Companies also seek to stay relevant in the dance community. We are continuously forging relationships with local professional companies and bringing in guest artists for our own concerts.

Dance Experience Without The Pressure

The RBDA Companies dip their toes in the competitive world of dance without putting an unnecessary amount of focus on competition itself. We seek to engage the audience and learn something each and every time we step on stage. Conventions expose our dancers to new teachers, new techniques and new perspectives where they join in a much larger dance community.

Competitions and Conventions

Our younger groups attend 1 convention and 1 competition per season. Our more advanced students participate in 3 competitions & conventions per season.

Awards and acceptances

Royale Ballet students have won awards in past  competitions such as YAGP, Icon Dance Awards. Our students have also been accepted into prestigious programs such as Boston Conservatory, Royal Academy of Dance School, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, The Harid Conservatory and Cary Ballet Conservatory.

Growth To Last a Lifetime

Our hope is that our dancers grow into contributing members of society who have a love and interest in supporting the arts throughout their lifetimes. We want our dancers to develop a knowledge and love of music and movement.




Helping Children Practice:





Qualified Instructors & Dance Syllabus

Both, the Director, Miss Jaclyn, and the Resident Choreographer, Miss Hailey, are registered and certified teachers with the Royal Academy of Dance in London.

The syllabus that is utilized in 89 countries across the world provides a standard for our students. All company members satisfy a basic class requirement which is dependent upon their age and level. We believe that slow and steady wins the race and artists take time to blossom.

We can't wait to see you in class

If you have any questions about enrolling your child in our dance academy, please don't hesitate to contact us!