Our Curriculum

We are Rooted in the rAD Method

RBDA provides high quality dance instruction in all forms and interest levels from ages 3 to adult. We are proud to be a registered school of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) based in London, England, which is the largest teaching and examining body of classical ballet in the world.

Through the RAD syllabi, we offer students a strong foundation in classical ballet taught by RAD registered instructors. 

What is RAD?

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is a renowned examination board specializing in dance education and training, with a particular focus on classical ballet. 

Established in London in 1920 as the Association of Teachers of Operatic Dancing, the RAD received a Royal Charter in 1935, solidifying its status as a prestigious institution. Today, it stands as one of the largest dance organizations globally, boasting over 13,000 members in 85 countries.

Exploring the RAD Syllabi

RAD provides two examination syllabi: the Graded Examination Syllabus and the Vocational Graded Examination Syllabus.

Both syllabi provide a structured and systematic approach to dance training, ensuring that students acquire a strong foundation in technique, musicality, and performance skills. Students who follow the RAD syllabi have the opportunity to progress through different levels, with each grade having its own set of requirements and expectations.

The Graded Syllabus

The Graded Syllabus is designed for students aged 5 and above. This syllabi focuses on developing technical, musical, and performance skills in various disciplines including Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Free Movement, and Character.

The Vocational Graded Syllabus

On the other hand, the Vocational Graded Examination Syllabus is specifically designed to prepare students for a professional dance career. This syllabi concentrates on advanced techniques and performance skills, with female students also learning Pointe work to further enhance their ballet proficiency.

Benefits of following the RAD Curriculum

Students who follow the RAD syllabi receive a high-quality education that is internationally recognized. By following the Graded Examination Syllabus, students gain a thorough understanding of ballet technique, including positions, movements, and terminology. They also develop their musicality, learning to express themselves through dance while maintaining a strong rhythmic foundation.

Structured and systematic approach to ballet training

Internationally recognized qualifications

focus on personal development and character building

Enhanced musicality and performance skills

Includes other dance styles for a well-rounded education

How RAD exams work

RAD exams are offered once a year in the United States, with trained examiners and rigorous quality assurance procedures in place to ensure fairness and consistency.

These examinations focus on assessing a range of skills and knowledge, with an emphasis on technique, musicality, and performance quality. The exams are designed to evaluate the students' understanding and execution of the RAD syllabi at their respective levels.

Training with rad certified teachers

RAD teachers play a vital role in providing high-quality dance education and training. They are trained and certified through the RAD, undergoing a rigorous process that ensures they have the necessary knowledge, skills, and teaching techniques to effectively guide students through the RAD syllabi.

Helping Students unlock their potential

The goal of RAD teachers is to assist students in unlocking their potential and ensuring a positive learning experience.

Student-Centered Approach

Our dance instructors provide guidance, feedback, and personalized support as students progress through the RAD syllabi, helping them develop their technique, artistry, and performance skills.

Nurturing the next generation of dancers

RAD teachers play a critical role in nurturing the next generation of dancers, instilling in them a love for dance and an appreciation for the art form.

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