April 17, 2024

RAD Exam Day 2024

🩰 April 1st and 2nd our students from grade 2 to Advanced level took their RAD exams.

Each year, our students eagerly anticipate the opportunity to participate in the internationally acclaimed RAD examinations. These exams serve as a culmination of their hard work and dedication throughout the semester. Recognized worldwide, they hold immense value beyond our studio walls, acting as a gateway to exciting opportunities in the dance world. As our students step into the exam rooms, they’re not simply facing a test; they’re embracing a chance to shine on a global stage, affirming their position within the vibrant dance community and paving the way for future triumphs.

We’re very proud to be affiliated with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), the biggest ballet organization in the world. Being part of RAD means our students get top-notch training and assessment that’s recognized worldwide. It’s like having a golden seal of approval on everything we do!

The RAD exams aren’t just about passing a test—they’re about getting feedback from experts in the field. That feedback helps our students grow and improve their skills, both as dancers and as people. Plus, acing these exams can open up a ton of doors for our students in the dance world. Checkout our RAD Curriculum here.

As RAD Certified Instructors and mentors, we’re thrilled to see our students succeed. These exams are a chance for us to celebrate their hard work and dedication to their craft. We know they’re destined for big things, and we can’t wait to see where their passion takes them next.

Congrats to all of our students! Here’s to many more successful exams and even more success for our amazing students! 🌟

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