Fostering Grace, Confidence, and Discipline through Ballet

At Royale Ballet Dance Academy, we offer ballet classes in Dallas, TX that are designed to inspire young dancers to embrace elegance and grace. Our classes aim to provide a nurturing environment where children can develop their dance skills while gaining confidence and discipline.   Whether your child is just starting out or looking to advance their skills, we are here to support their journey towards becoming a graceful and inspiring dancer.

Interest levels from ages 3 to adult

RAD syllabi & Certified Instructors

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Fostering leadership & discipline

RAD Syllabi and Certified Instructors

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from Ages 2 years to adult

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Ballet Classes Designed to Inspire & Build Confidence

When you choose Royale Ballet Dance Academy for your child's ballet education, you are choosing excellence. Our instructors are not only highly qualified and experienced but also passionate about sharing their love for ballet with the next generation of dancers. We believe that every child has the ability to shine on stage, and we are here to guide them every step of the way.

Join our dance family at Royale Ballet Dance Academy and watch your child blossom into a confident and elegant dancer. With a focus on technique, artistry, and creativity, our classes are designed to inspire and challenge students of all levels. Let us be a part of your child's ballet journey and help them discover the joy of dance in a warm and welcoming setting.

child development


Building Lifelong Skills

Our Dallas ballet classes are not just about learning dance moves. They are designed to instill valuable life skills such as discipline, perseverance, teamwork, and self-expression in your child, setting a strong foundation for success in both dance and life.

Creating a Supportive Community

Through our kids ballet classes in Dallas, children not only learn from their instructors but also from their peers. They develop strong bonds, learn to support each other, and grow together in a positive and encouraging community.

Personalized Attention

With small class sizes and experienced instructors, we provide personalized attention to every child. This allows them to progress at their own pace, build confidence, and reach their full potential in a comfortable setting.

Nurturing Development

In our supportive environment, children's physical, emotional, and cognitive development are nurtured through the art of ballet. This holistic approach ensures that your child grows not only as a dancer but also as a well-rounded individual.

developing lifelong skills through Ballet Classes in Dallas

As certified RAD instructors at our dance school, we have witnessed firsthand the incredible child development benefits that kids ballet classes offer. When children engage in our Dallas ballet classes, they are not just learning dance steps; they are also developing lifelong skills that will benefit them in various aspects of their lives.

why choose ballet?

Ballet encourages creativity and self-expression, allowing children to explore their emotions through movement.

Ballet classes foster discipline and focus, teaching children the importance of practice and perseverance.

ballet classes promote social skills as children learn to work together, support one another, and build friendships in a positive environment.

RAD: The Mark of Quality in Ballet Education

At Royale Ballet Dance Academy, we wholeheartedly embrace the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet curriculum. The RAD syllabus is internationally recognized and respected, ensuring that our students receive training of the highest quality. 

our curriculum

Adaptive Growth

The RAD syllabus thoughtfully accommodates dancers at diverse developmental stages, providing a comprehensive and progressive learning path.

Structured Framework

Following the RAD curriculum provides a structured framework that enhances ballet skills and fosters an appreciation for the art form.

Proper Technique

Emphasis on proper technique, musicality, and performance skills aligns with our mission to cultivate well-rounded and disciplined dancers.

Where dreams begin and confidence soars

Enrolling your child in ballet classes in Dallas, TX at a reputable dance school like Royale Ballet Dance Academy can open up a world of opportunities for them in the future. Whether they dream of becoming professional dancers or simply want to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of dance, starting early and receiving quality instruction is key. Join us today and watch your child blossom into a confident, skilled dancer with a lifelong passion for the art of ballet.


Witness the transformative power of kids ballet classes in shaping your child's future.

01.  Are your kids ballet classes suitable for all skill levels?

Yes, our kids ballet classes are designed to accommodate all skill levels, from beginners to more advanced dancers.
If you have questions selecting a dance class, please contact us. We'd love to help!

02.  Do you only offer ballet classes?

We offer dance classes in every genre: Pointe Classes, Jazz Classes, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Tap Classes, Hip Hop Classes, and Flamenco. View our dance class schedule here.

03.  Do you offer trial classes for kids to see if they enjoy ballet?

Yes, we offer a free trial class for kids so they can experience our ballet classes before committing to a full session.

04.  Is there a dress code for kids ballet classes?

Yes, we have a dress code for our kids ballet classes to ensure proper movement and alignment. We will provide the guidelines for attire and shoes. prior to class enrollment.

05.  How often do kids ballet classes meet during the week?

Our kids ballet classes typically meet once or twice a week, depending on the age group and level of the dancer.

06.  Do you have performance opportunities for kids enrolled in ballet classes?

Yes, we offer performance opportunities for kids enrolled in our ballet classes to showcase their progress and talent on stage. Take a look at our Dance Competition Team, Dance Recitals, and previous Dallas Ballet Nutcracker performances.

Ballet Classes In Dallas, TX

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